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We continue to add ways to help you manage the services you have, and when needed, detect and resolve any problems you may encounter. Whether you are using PC or a Mac, if you need help with your TV, Phone, or Internet, we can help you get back on track.

  • Activate Set Top Box
  • Quick Fix Set Top Box
  • Diagnose Set Top Box/DVR
  • Activate CableCARD
  • Use Parental Controls
  • Remove Parental Controls
  • Set Favorite Channels
  • Set Up Remote Control
  • Order a Remote Control
  • Set Up More Services
  • Learn Internet Service Basics
  • Set Up Verizon Email Account
  • Fix Verizon Email Account
  • Add Additional Email Accounts
  • Display Subaccount Details
  • Set Up Wi-Fi On Devices
  • Retrieve Router Settings
  • Set Up Router Password
  • Fix Connectivity Issues
  • Retrieve Wi-Fi Security Key
  • Reset Voice Mail Passcode
  • Reset Voice Portal PIN
  • Set Up Voice Mail
  • Listen to Voice Mail Messages
  • List Voice Mail Command Codes
  • Get Live Chat Support
  • Digital Voice FAQs
  • Prevent Missed Calls
  • Manage Digital Voice
  • Viewing TV Setup Diagrams

What customers are saying...

"Wow! That is an incredible tool to be able to reset the TV online"

"Very useful to get the Voice Mail Access Number"

"Very easy to follow. Thanks!"

"Very impressive. Software was easy to navigate through. Thank you!"

"I was impressed. It helped very much"

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